February Updates

Iron Printmakers 5 is here!  On February 25, four teams of amazing student printmakers will meet at the Mass. College of Art & Design Printmaking Studio to compete for the coveted Iron Print trophy!  Based loosely on the show “Iron Chef’, the competition showcases some really talented young printmakers.  The teams are from Boston University, Lesley University, Mass. College of Art & Design, and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts. Each school has a team of four students who have five hours to create a cohesive edition of ten prints that must incorporate lithography, relief, intaglio and screen print.  At the start of the competition, three ‘mystery ingredients’ are revealed and must be incorporated (somehow!) into the final prints.  All of the work must be done at the studio, within the time-frame.  It becomes a race to the finish, but what a finish! 

Special thanks to many people for helping this event take place:  Our judges this year are the fabulous Nancy Deissner, Liz Shepherd, and Lyell Castonguay!  And I also want to thank MassArt for allowing us to use their fabulous print shop, Takach Press Corp. and The Boston Printmakers for sponsoring terrific prizes, my very helpful husband Seth, my wonderful volunteers, and all of the faculty and students who participate. 

2016, Mass. College of Art & Design
2015, The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.
2014, The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.
2013, The Art Institute of Boston, Lesley University.

So – some of the news:

Last November, Carolyn was once again invited to Malaysia to participate in the 2016 Pulau Ketam International Art Festival.  Held on the island of Pulau Ketam (Crab Island), Carolyn was one of over 100 artists creating work.  Artists were assigned to different temple pavilions for workspace, which when combined with the weather, made for a beautiful work environment.  Artists Deborah Chaney (also from the US) and Gordon James (from Canada) were the other printmakers at the Festival, and we all worked together in a lovely temple space.  The organizers managed to get a small press, so between us, we managed to cover quite a range of printmaking.  Deb created some exquisite lithos and monotypes, once again using her amazing abilities with saturated blended color rolls and a little bit of gold powder.  Gordon really went all out, creating some lively and whimsical collagraphs and also venturing into etchings, using zinc, beeswax and very long etches!  Carolyn started out with some small lithos, and finished with several woodcuts, one of which was 36 x 36”.  The opportunity to meet so many talented artists and local people in the community reminds us that for all of our differences, there are also many similarities.  Hopefully, Carolyn will be able to go back again soon!

In the Studio:

Continuing work on many projects:  two different book projects with Roberta Delaney; a large sculptural multiple with Emily Lombardo; and a series of prints based on early Greek myths by Sandra Cavanagh.  We also have upcoming projects with local artists Mike Wilson, Jane Goldman, Liza Folman, and others!  The presses are busy!

Muskat Studios just finished two presentations at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston explaining printmaking.  Open to the public, Carolyn explained and demonstrated litho and relief to many people who then had the opportunity to make their own small relief prints using simple fun materials.  We love sharing our enthusiasm for printmaking – it was a fun time for everyone!


Carolyn’s work was included in a BIG INK exhibition at Florida State College in Jacksonville last fall, and will also be in an upcoming exhibition “Big Print/Little Print” at the Mosesian Center for the Arts at the Arsenal Center in Watertown.  The general public reception for that exhibition is March 23.

In the studio

My super assistants (who all should be wearing super-hero capes!) have jumped into several projects:

Shane has tackled the immense job of re-numbering all of the stones in the studio – this has been a huge task that started last summer with Pauli Meyer and Virginia White doing a complete inventory, Emma O’Leary assisting with the data entry, and now Shane is working on the actual re-numbering.

Stacy has taken on the less than exciting (but critical) job of inventory and re-organization of some of the many materials we have here. Over the past year, we have added a lot of materials to the studio – and she has been working her way through it all to get it entered and counted. The paper drawers are now beautiful!

Natalie has completed the cleaning and re-conditioning of our ‘new’ flatbed offset proofing press!!! We just started working with it, and there are still a few bugs to work out. But it works!!! This is a learning process for all of us here, but so far it’s been fun. And we are super excited to have it going – stay tuned for more updates as we progress!

In other news: the Museum of Printing is moving to a new location in Haverhill, MA. As part of that move, they had a huge clearance sale. Frank Romero and the rest of the gang there were very generous and allowed me to go back in to the book stacks and pull out several books of interest to the print geek in me!! Many of them were published by the Graphic Arts Technical Foundation, Inc., which was located just up the road from my undergraduate school, Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, PA. As I find the hidden gems of wisdom in some of these texts, I’ll be sure to share!!

Indonesia: Update!

I have finally sorted through hundreds of photos from my trip to Indonesia -- whew!  But here are a selection of photos that will give you a taste of the experience – I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped to make that trip possible!!

You can view all the images HERE

Muskat Studios presents "Found"

After an incredible trip to the Yogyakarta International Art Festival (Indonesia) and with her continuing teaching schedule, Carolyn has returned to a busy fall schedule of printing and promoting prints and printmaking both here and abroad.

First, we present recent work from two artists: Jessica O'Hearn and Rhoda Rosenberg.  While approaching their work from very different starting points, both share an artistic sensibility that complements and informs each other's work.  Please stop by the studio for the opening reception to see their work and kick off the fall season.

Nov. 8, 2015 - Jan. 16, 2016

Reception:  Sunday, Nov. 15, 4 - 6pm

Muskat Studios Hours: 
Wed., Fri. 12 - 6;
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