We just hosted artist Candy Nartonis for an intense 4 day stretch in the studio.  We completed over 10 prints using woodcut and litho -- and Candy got to try out new tools! These prints are currently on view in the gallery.

We have also finished proofing Bob Tomoillo's new image "Empathy" -- a very timely image for today (picture forthcoming). Edition printing will begin shortly. Check back soon for more information and images!

In addition, we have completed Michael Wilson's newest edition -- continuing his series of small intimate images. 

Last but not least, Muskat Studios has been working closely with Studio TKM, a fine art conservation studio based Somerville, as part of a Japanese screen restoration project. Carolyn has been recreating a wallpaper pattern for the back of the Japanese screens they are restoring.  

Lynn Newcomb
Lynn returned to the studio to continue her ongoing series based on Homer.  We brought out the big stone again and ended up with “Achilles and the Body of Hektor”.


Jon Cartledge
Jon has been working all year for the recent exhibition at Muskat Studios:  “Office B-142, Paleontology”.  Two of the prints are very recent lithographs: “Arctic Research” and “Nebraska Excavation”.  We love the vibes when Jon is in the studio.

Caroline Thorington
Caroline was awarded the Muskat Studios prize at the 2017 Boston Printmakers Biennial exhibition.  She visited the studio fall 2018, and created two lithographs with us.  It was wonderful to have her in the studio and to learn so much from her – she is an amazing printmaker!




Ken Beck // HITS